Cheshire Window Shutters carry out work in the village of Hale. Nine miles south of Manchester and neighbouring the town of Altrincham, Hale is a wealthy and attractive place to live.

From St Peter’s Church and Hale Chapel to Stamford Park, Hale is a scenic village with plenty of restaurants, bars and other various buildings which add to the attractive surroundings. Interior window shutters can complement the local décor and can be co-ordinated to match with a building’s styling.

An affluent place with many local businesses, a population of over 15,000 and several primary and nursery schools in the area, security is considered a priority. Wooden window shutters can function as a deterrent to criminals and increase security within homes and workplaces. Shutters also come with the option of being fitted onto windows providing a secondary lock further improving a building’s security. Unlike blinds, window shutters are cordless making them child-friendly products.

Located in the North West of England Hale is often subject to unpleasant weather. Interior window shutters work to insulate your home by retaining heat and keeping your house warm as well as saving you money on heating. In summer however, window shutters can control the amount of light entering the house and can protect skin and furniture from harmful ultraviolet light, whilst keeping your home cooler and maintaining good ventilation.

As well as absorbing heat, wooden window shutters act as sound insulators. The A538 runs through the village and with Manchester Airport in close proximity, Hale can be subject to noise pollution from passing traffic. Installing window shutters can help create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere within your home.

For the various medical and dental practices present in the village, antibacterial window shutters can be installed to provide clean and hygienic working areas where needed. Remote-controlled window shutters are also available for people in need of physical assistance and for out of reach places.

House prices in Hale are well above the national average and property development is on-going throughout the village. Installing interior window shutters can help boost property prices due their desirable characteristics. As well as improving your home’s security and looks, window shutters are long-lasting, low-maintenance products and a sound investment for anyone.