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Tracked Shutters

Tracked window shutters
The perfect solution for patio doors and large window runs, our Bi-fold and By-pass Tracking Systems are ideally suited to long panel runs and are also suitable for room dividers and partitions.

Shutters suspended from a top track hinged together in a bi-fold configuration to allow them to be folded back to the end of the track at 90º. Suitable for use with patio doors, wardrobes or as a room divider. May be specified and fitted with or without side frames.

Shutters suspended from a top track. Panels slide behind or in front of one another to open or close. Suitable for use with patio doors. room dividers and wardrobes. May be specified and fitted with or without side frames.

Cafe Style

Cafe style window shutters
Ideal for ground level windows and town houses, Café style leaves the top of the window un-shuttered, using only shutters for the bottom part. This style maximizes light whilst providing privacy.

Unsupported Shutters

unsupported plantation shutters
Where untracked shutters are used without support beneath the panels customers need to specify this in the short notes section of the order form. For example, situations where the gap between the bottom of the panel and the bottom of the side frame is greater than 2.5mm. This can apply to 3 sided (goal post) frames on doors or windows.

Where unsupported shutters are specified we will add extra hinges to support the panels and install larger, stronger, top & bottom rails to reduce the likelihood of panels sagging and to increase rigidity.

Tier on Tier

tier on tier plantation shutters
Independent panels top and bottom give greater adjustability to make the most of light, the view or provide you with privacy.


Shape plantation shutters
Even the most unusual window shutter shapes can be catered for by Cheshire Window Shutters.
shutter shape examples

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