Cheshire Window Shutters install and service window shutters in the very popular spa town of Buxton. Considered to be the ‘Gateway to the Peak District’ and within easy commuting distance of Manchester, Buxton is a highly appealing place to live and work.

A very attractive town, Buxton boasts numerous buildings and scenic locations. From the Pavilion Gardens and Poole’s Cavern to the Devonshire Dome and Buxton Crescent; the town is an elegant-looking and pleasant place to be. Plantation shutters can add to the already picturesque nature of the town and can be designed and fitted to match with the local character and décor.

At 1000 feet above sea level, the town can be very cold and often sees snow in the winter. Wooden window shutters will help keep your home warm by retaining heat, thus reducing the amount of warmth lost from your home. As well as keeping your home warm on the inside, this will also save you money on ever-rising heating bills. In the summer months of the year however, window shutters can keep your home cool and well ventilated whilst protecting skin and furniture from sun damage.

Buxton is a very popular town for tourists and is also a haven for motorbike enthusiasts with the Cat and Fiddle (A537) nearby. With the A6 and other main roads also running through the centre of the town noise pollution from passing traffic can sometimes become a problem. Plantation shutters considerably reduce the amount of noise from the outside and will help to create the desired peaceful atmosphere within your home.

Home to over 20,000 residents as well as schools and shops, security is of high concern in the area. Window shutters present a further barrier to criminals and act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors. Cheshire Window Shutters can provide secondary locking mechanisms with plantation shutters for those who require extra peace-of-mind. Shutters are also cordless and unlike blinds they offer no safety hazard to young children.

Elmwood Medical Centre and The Natural Health Practice are just two of the various medical and dental practices in the town. Window shutters can be treated with an antibacterial-coated covering so that they can be used in such places which require good hygiene levels. For use in care homes as well, remote-controlled shutters are also available for people with mobility issues or just for places that are hard to reach.

With many houses being planned in the High Peak for the next few years, development will be a common occurrence in the town for the foreseeable future. Plantation shutters are hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing products and are a sound investment for anyone who wants to improve and enhance their home.