Cheshire Window Shutters provide services in the prosperous town of Wilmslow. Wilmslow, one of the three ‘Golden Triangle’ settlements along with Alderley Edge and Prestbury, lies between the suburbs of Manchester and the town of Macclesfield.

Situated in the North West of England on the edge of the Cheshire Plain, wind and rain is a regular occurrence. Window shutters are good insulators and can act as a barrier to cool weather. Interior window shutters have heat retention characteristics keeping your home warm in the cooler months of the year and saving you money on your energy bill. In the summer months however, window shutters can be used to control the amount of light entering a room giving protection from harmful ultraviolet light which can damage skin as well as leading to colour fading in rugs and furniture. Window shutters can also be used to keep the house cool in warmer weather as well as providing good ventilation at the same time.

With the A34 Wilmslow Bypass running through the town along with the A538, noise from the main roads can often prove a disturbance. Window shutters combat this problem by reducing noise pollution significantly allowing for a more peaceful environment within the home.

With numerous high-class businesses, a population of around 30,000 people and local primary and pre-schools in the town, security is of high importance. Wooden window shutters act as a deterrent to criminals and thieves. Window shutters provide a secondary barrier when installed and can be fixed onto windows to form an extra lock offering increased security for homes and businesses. Safety is also of concern especially in schools and family homes. Window shutters are cordless preventing any potential injuries occurring.

A wealthy town surrounded by pleasant countryside, Wilmslow is home to various pubs and wine bars such as Forty-Four and the Slug and Lettuce. Along with other stylish venues and attractive buildings, the town is a desirable place to live or work in. Interior window shutters can considerably improve the aesthetics of buildings and can be made to conform to local décor. With various styles available, window shutters can be installed to co-ordinate with a building’s appearance.

With the Hawthorn Lane Surgery and introduction of a multi-million pound private hospital in the town as well as local dentist, veterinary and medical centres, antibacterial window shutters can be installed to provide clean working and living areas where needed. With several residential and elderly homes also present in the town, easy operation of window shutters is a requirement for many. Remote-controlled window shutters can be installed providing the necessary assistance where needed.

An affluent area, property development in Wilmslow is on-going. Window shutters, which are very low maintenance, hardwearing and easy to clean, can be installed to increase a property’s value.