Cheshire Window Shutters serve the small village of Prestbury. Forming part of Cheshire’s ‘Golden Triangle’, Prestbury is on the northern border of Macclesfield and within easy commuting distance of Manchester making it a desirable place to live.

Located in the North West and lying at the edge of the Cheshire Plain, Prestbury is often susceptible to wet and windy weather. The installation of interior window shutters can keep your home warm during the winter months of the year. Window shutters are good heat retainers and can help insulate the home on a cold day lowering heating costs and saving you money. Window shutters can also cool your house in warmer weather by controlling the amount of light coming in. This protects skin and furniture from ultraviolet light whilst keeping the house well ventilated at the same time.

Prestbury has over 3000 residents, numerous businesses and local primary and nursery schools in the village. Wooden window shutters can be installed to increase security within resident’s homes and businesses by acting as a deterrent to criminals. Child-safety is also addressed with window shutters since they are cordless and eliminate the possibility of injury.

Prestbury is a welcoming place with historic buildings such as the Priest’s House and St Peter’s Church adding to the picturesque nature of the village. Window shutters can further enhance the aesthetics of houses and venues and can be matched to suit the local décor.

Although a mostly calm place, passing traffic can sometimes become an issue. Wooden window shutters combat this by insulating the home against the outside noise pollution and creating a peaceful atmosphere within your home.

With Prestbury Dental Practice and nearby care homes, clean workplaces are required in the village. Interior window shutters coated with an antibacterial layer are available to provide hygienic environments where needed. Remote-controlled window shutters are also available for ease of operation. These are especially useful in care homes for those in need of assistance and can also be used for shutters that are hard to reach.

With old and new homes often being developed in the area, window shutters can increase the value of houses due to their attractive and stylish looks. Window shutters are also hardwearing and low-maintenance products making them a sound investment for anyone.