Cheshire Window Shutters carry out fittings in the large village of Poynton. A semi-rural village, Poynton lies between Stockport and Macclesfield on the far eastern side of the Cheshire Plain and is within easy commuting distance of Manchester.

From St George’s Church to Anson Pit, Poynton is an attractive village and with many stylish bars and restaurants, it is a highly sought after place to live and work in. Interior window shutters can add to the already pleasant looks of the village to further enhance a building’s appearance. Shutters may be installed in homes, bars, restaurants and other such venues to improve aesthetics and can be designed and fitted to match with local décor and styling.

Situated in the North West of England, Poynton is often subject to cold and wet weather. Wooden window shutters retain heat and help keep your home warm in the colder months of the year. However when the weather is warm, window shutters can control the amount of light coming into the house to keep it cool and well ventilated. Controlling the amount of light also means that shutters can protect skin and furniture against sun damage.

Home to over 14,000 people, numerous businesses and with many primary and nursery schools, security is of high importance in the village. Whilst wooden window shutters can act as a deterrent to criminals, specialised aluminium and steel shutters can be installed for extra assurance. Child safety is also an issue when installing shutters. Interior window shutters are cordless meaning that they can be used in a child-friendly environment without posing any risks.

With London Road South Surgery and other dental and medical practices in the village, clean and hygienic working areas are a requirement for many places. Antibacterial coated window shutters are available for such places and can provide the necessary sanitary conditions where required. Poynton is also home to several residential and care homes. Remote-controlled shutters can provide assistance for people with mobility issues or may just be used for windows that are difficult to reach.

Park Lane and the centre of the village have undergone renovation in the last few years. With other housing projects also being carried out, property development in the area is on-going. Window shutters are long-lasting, low-maintenance products and can increase a property’s market value. Additionally, with their high aesthetic appeal, interior window shutters are a sound investment for anyone wishing to improve their home.