Plantation Shutters have over the last few years become increasingly popular with the UK domestic market as people travelling to America and Australasia have been staying in property with plantation shutters installed. In these countries, shutters are used for many reasons. Heat reduction and protection from the cold are two good reasons, plus privacy and a stunning look. Shutters can ensure that the product will produce huge savings in energy costs due to the longevity of the product. The shutter has a long lifetime and practically maintenance free.

Shutters are an ideal product that will fit to any window shape and size therefore can be installed to any window. As in the above mentioned countries, Architects are becoming more open their designs with large spans of glass in a lot of buildings whether it is a domestic house or a commercial hotel. The shutter therefore can be installed to these windows with various configurations of doors and louvre size. The shape of the window is not an issue as with Basswood, the best wood for any shape, is an ideal light and workable solution.

Plantation Shutters stand above all other window furnishings for practicality. The composition of the product can be tailored for most budgets. The UK market has an engineered product available in five colours of white and as the UK has many UPVC windows installed, these colours will suit most installations. Interior Designers such as Kelly Hoppen are now specifying shutters in their new build projects and again these five whites will suit most applications. Popular paint colours are available such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux etc along with a custom colour option.

Curtains have many limitations when installing to windows. A huge range of fabrics with linings, limitations on size due to pattern repeats. Cost of fabric, a vast choice of tracks and poles, with only a few makes suitable for bending to bays, a very difficult installation. Where as the shutter is highly suited for bay installations. With a choice of bay posts and frames, shutters can be installed and fit perfectly to match the window configuration.

Many internal blinds have limitations in size, fabrics and components choice. Also, in today’s child friendly market, all blinds must have a child safety cleat. Shutters have no restrictions and therefore an ideal solution for Child safety.

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