Cheshire Window Shutters carry out fittings in the area of the ‘Four Heatons’ in Stockport. Heaton Moor, Chapel, Norris and Mersey are all village suburbs of Stockport. The area sits just north of Stockport and is within easy commuting distance of Manchester making for a desirable place to live.

Likewise to most places in the North West, cold and wet weather is not uncommon in the area. Wooden window shutters insulate your home against the cold weather outside by retaining heat. Whilst acting to keep your home warm, window shutters will save you money on your heating bill. In hot weather, shutters can be used to control the amount of light entering the home and can protect skin and furniture from sun damage. Controlling the quantity of light entering the home can keep it cool as well as maintaining good ventilation.

From the redundant Christ Church in Heaton Norris to Heaton Moor’s high street with its attractive Victorian architecture, the area is littered with pleasant surroundings and venues. Interior window shutters can further improve the aesthetics of buildings and can be designed and fitted to co-ordinate with local décor and appearances.

With the M60 close-by and the A6 running straight through the area, noise from passing traffic is often a disturbance. Wooden window shutters can significantly reduce the amount of noise pollution from outside to create a peaceful environment inside your home.

Wooden window shutters can also provide a degree of security by acting as a deterrent to criminals. With numerous schools and businesses across the area, specific security shutters produced from aluminium and steel can be installed to provide the extra security if required. Interior window shutters are cordless and present no hazards to small children allowing them to be used in a child-friendly environment.

Antibacterial window shutters can also be installed to help provide hygienic work conditions where needed. With many health centres and care homes in the area, remote-controlled shutters can provide the necessary assistance for those who have mobility issues.

A commuter area, the Heatons are a desirable place to live and hence property development in the area is often seen. Window shutters’ characteristics such as their aesthetic appeal and hardwearing, low-maintenance nature, enhance a property’s desirability and can increase its value.