Cheshire Window Shutters provide a service to the small market town of Nantwich. Situated in the south of the Cheshire Plains, and in easy commuting distance to Liverpool and Manchester, Nantwich is a highly desirable place to live.

Likewise to much of the North West, conditions in Nantwich are often cold and windy during the winter months of the year. With energy bills rising and greater importance placed on ‘greener’ housing, window shutters can be installed to help retain heat thus keeping your home warmer and costing you less on your heating bill. However during the warmer months of the year, window shutters can control the amount of sunlight coming in to the house keeping your home cool inside whilst maintaining good ventilation. Light control can help protect skin and also furniture from harmful ultraviolet light.

With such an abundance of historic and picturesque buildings, Nantwich is a very pleasant looking town. Many buildings are from the Elizabethan and Georgian eras such as Churche’s Mansion and the Crown Hotel. Window shutters can be installed to add to the already attractive nature of the town. Shutters can also be designed to coordinate with the local décor and styling to further enhance a building’s appearance.

With the A51, A500, A530 and the A534 all running in and around the town, the centre of Nantwich can often be quite noisy. Wooden window shutters absorb and significantly reduce noise pollution from the outside and create the desired peaceful atmosphere within your home.

Recessed shutter
With numerous schools and businesses in the town and home to around 14,000 residents; security is of high concern for many people in the area. Wooden window shutters can provide a barrier to criminals and will act as a deterrent. Shutters can also be installed with secondary locking mechanisms for extra protection and security for those who need it. Safety is also of concern to those with small children or elderly relatives. Window shutters are cordless thus preventing any potential accidents from occurring and offer a safe, child-friendly product.

Antibacterial-coated window shutters are available for such places which require clean and hygienic environments. With various dental practices and nursing homes in the town, antibacterial-coated window shutters can help provide the necessary sanitary conditions. Remote-controlled shutters can also be installed for those who are in need of physical assistance or for out-of-reach places.

With housing projects being proposed in and around the area, development of old and new homes is not uncommon. Window shutters can increase a building’s value due to their aesthetic and hard-wearing properties.