Noted for its architecture and industrial past, there are many striking buildings in the city. From Manchester Town Hall and Midland Hotel to the very modern Beetham Tower, Manchester is a very attractive city with numerous pleasant venues. Interior window shutters can further enhance buildings’ appearances and may be installed in homes, restaurants, bars and other various places to improve aesthetics. Shutters can also be designed and fitted to match with local décor and styling.

At the heart of the North West, Manchester is often susceptible to cold and wet weather. Interior window shutters retain heat and can insulate your home. As well as keeping your home warm and comfortable inside, shutters can help save you money on the energy bill. In the warmer months of the year however, window shutters can be used to deflect and control the amount of light entering your home to keep it cool and well ventilated. Shutters can also protect skin and furniture from sun damage.

A large city, Manchester has many transport links going in and out which makes for a typically noisy and bustling city centre. Wooden window shutters absorb this noise pollution and deliver a more peaceful atmosphere inside your home.

Home to hundreds of schools and businesses, as well as over half a million residents, security in the city is of high concern. Wooden window shutters can provide a level of security by deterring criminals and specialised steel and aluminium security shutters are available for extra peace of mind. Window shutters can also be used in child-friendly environments since they are cordless and present no hazards to small children.

With many hospitals, dentists and medical practices in the city, hygienic workplaces are a requirement for many. Antibacterial window shutters can help provide the sanitary conditions necessary in these places. With many care homes also in the area, remote-controlled window shutters can be installed to help with people who need assistance or just for windows in hard to reach places.

A major international city, property development is often seen across Manchester. Window shutters can boost a property’s value and due to their hardwearing and low-maintenance properties, they are a sound investment for any business, home and other such venue.