Cheshire Window Shutters deliver a service to the historic commuter town of Knutsford.Knutsford is located on the southern border of the much-celebrated Tatton Park estate and lies at the east of the Cheshire Plain 15 miles south of Manchester.

Situated in the North West of England, conditions in Knutsford can be wet and windy much of the time. With energy and money saving high on the agenda of most households, installing window shutters can prove an ideal solution. Interior window shutters are good retainers of heat, resulting in a warmer house, and savings on your heating bill. In the summertime however, interior window shutters can be used to keep the inside of the house cooler whilst providing copious ventilation throughout your home. Window shutters can also control the amount of light entering individual rooms and protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation which damages skin and causes furniture colour to fade.

A commuter town allowing for access to Manchester and Liverpool, noise from the A537 and nearby M6 motorway as well as Manchester Airport can be an issue. Wooden window shutters significantly reduce the clamour of traffic outside and can bring a calm and quiet atmosphere to the home.

Very picturesque, with historic buildings such as the Gaskell Memorial Tower and the Brook Street Chapel, Knutsford is a very pleasant town to live and work in. Interior window shutters can enhance a building’s aesthetic appeal and can be designed to co-ordinate with its décor and style.

With around 13,000 residents, numerous businesses and the local primary school, security is of high importance in the town. Wooden window shutters deter criminals and can be installed onto windows with secondary locks offering increased security in homes and workplaces. Window shutters are also cordless making them child-friendly.

With the Gaskell Avenue Dental Practice, the Toft House Surgery and several nursing and care homes, clean workplaces are required throughout the town. Antibacterial window shutters can provide the necessary hygiene requirements where needed. Remote-controlled shutters can also be installed for those in need of assistance.

A prosperous town, property development is not uncommon in Knutsford. Window shutters are desirable items in the home, very hardwearing and low maintenance, and can increase a property’s value for those who are looking to sell.