Cheshire Window Shutters cover fitting in the commuter village of Disley. Situated next to Lyme Park, Disley borders the suburbs of Manchester and the Peak District, providing a desirable and very picturesque place to live or work.

Appropriately named after its windy climate, Disley can often prove to be open to the elements. Window shutters combat this by providing good heat retention in the cooler months keeping your home warm whilst saving you money on your heating bill.

In warm weather however, interior window shutters can also protect against harmful ultraviolet rays and heat whilst maintaining good ventilation at the same time. The amount of light entering a room can also be controlled providing privacy and protecting furniture from colour fading.

With many houses situated on the A6, noise from the main road can become an issue. Interior window shutters can reduce noise pollution creating a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere within the home.

Disley is home to numerous pubs, restaurants and a stylish wine bar adding to the already pleasant aesthetics of the village. Window shutters can improve the visual appearance of homes and different venues and can be co-ordinated to match the décor in each room providing continuity throughout the building.

With a population of around 5000 people, and home to various businesses as well as the local primary school, security within the village is a priority. Wooden interior window shutters act as a deterrent to thieves and provide increased security for homes and workplaces. Interior window shutters can also be fitted with secondary locks which fasten onto windows providing extra security. Child safety is also of concern and unlike blinds, window shutters are cordless preventing any potential injuries.

With the Schoolhouse Surgery, local dentist and elderly residential homes within the village, antibacterial coated window shutters can provide clean workplaces and rooms where needed. Remote-controlled window shutters are also available providing easy operation for the elderly and those in need. Wooden window shutters are also very durable and hardwearing as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Property development in Disley is rife with the departure and relocation of Fibrestar Drums to Hazel Grove. With other houses also being developed in the village, installing window shutters can increase the value of houses owing to their desirability and elegance.