Cheshire Window Shutters carry out fittings in the village of Bowdon. Bowdon is a prosperous semi-rural village located in an affluent area 9 miles south west of Manchester neighbouring the town of Altrincham.

Shutters suitable for the bathroomAlong with Altrincham and Hale, Bowdon is home to some of England’s most expensive houses outside of London. Bowdon is home to nearly 9,000 people and with local primary and pre-schools in the area, security is of high concern. Wooden window shutters act as a deterrent to criminals and provide an extra security barrier. Window shutters can also be fitted onto windows with a secondary locking mechanism to provide additional security in homes and workplaces.

A picturesque village with places ranging from St Mary’s Church to the Swadesh restaurant as well as nearby Dunham Massey, Bowdon makes for a very desirable place to live or work. Interior window shutters can improve buildings’ appearances and can add to the already pleasant looks of the village. Shutters can also be installed to conform to local décor and styling.

Located in the North West and on the northern edge of the Cheshire Plain, Bowdon can often be subject to wet and windy weather. In these often cold conditions, wooden window shutters work to retain heat providing a warmer environment inside the home. Whilst saving money on heating costs, window shutters work the opposite way in warmer weather. Shutters can control the amount of light entering the home creating a cooler atmosphere inside whilst maintaining good ventilation. Shutters can also protect skin from harmful ultraviolet light as well as protecting furniture from fading.

With the M56 and Manchester Airport in close proximity as well as High Speed Rail 2 proposed to run just past the village boundaries, Bowdon can be susceptible to noise pollution. Interior window shutters combat this by absorbing noise and can bring the desired calm and peaceful atmosphere within the home.

With dental medical practices as well as several care homes in the area, hygienic workplaces are required throughout the village. Antibacterial window shutters can be installed to provide the necessary conditions where needed. Remote-controlled shutters are also available for people who are in need of physical assistance or for places that are hard to reach.

Property development in Bowdon is a regular occurrence with many houses being improved and revamped. Interior window shutters’ desirable characteristics can lead to an increase in a property’s value. Along with improving security and aesthetics, window shutters are long-lasting and low-maintenance products and are a sound investment for any home.