Cheshire Window Shutters carry out work in the thriving village of Alderley Edge. Renowned for its wealth and prosperity, Alderley Edge forms one of Cheshire’s three ‘Golden Triangle’ settlements along with Prestbury and Wilmslow. Sitting 6 miles north of Macclesfield and 15 miles south of Manchester, Alderley Edge overlooks the Cheshire Plain and offers a highly desirable and scenic place to live.

Bars and restaurants such as the Wizard and the newly reopened Bubble Bar, add to the stylish and elegant looks of the village. Interior window shutters can further improve the visual appearance of such places and can be designed to match the décor and character of homes and workplaces.

Window shutters can also be used as an increased security measure. With local businesses, a population of over 4000 people and numerous schools in the area, security is central within the village. Wooden window shutters increase security in buildings and can act as a deterrent to criminals. Window shutters can also be fitted onto windows providing a secondary locking mechanism for extra peace of mind.  Unlike blinds, window shutters are cordless resulting in a safe and child-friendly product.

Located in the North West of England, Alderley Edge can often suffer from wet and windy weather. Window shutters retain heat and can help keep your home warm inside whilst saving you money on your heating bill. In the warmer months of the year, window shutters can control the amount of light entering the house keeping it cool and well ventilated. When the sun is warmest, it can damage skin as well as furniture and rugs. Window shutters can prevent this from happening by protecting from the harmful ultraviolet light.

With the local dental practices, health centres and care homes, antibacterial window shutters can be installed to promote hygienic conditions where required. For those in need of assistance, remote-controlled window shutters are available for easy operation.

With the A34 adjacent to the village and the railway line running through the centre, noise pollution from traffic can sometimes become an issue. Wooden window shutters combat this by significantly reducing the amount of outside noise.

An affluent area, property development is often seen in the village. Being very hardwearing, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean products, window shutters’ attractive characteristics can increase a property’s value.