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Cedarwood Shutters

Cedarwood shutters are at the top of our product range. It is light, durable, moisture resistant and extremely versatile. CedarWood shutters are also available in a stained, painted or unique oiled finish.Manufactured from the stunning western red cedar tree, CedarWood is by nature incredibly thermal coefficient (keeps heat out in summer and insulates during winter) and dimensionally stable, it resists the natural tendency to crack and its distinct aroma is not only pleasing to us but acts as a deterrent to insects, moths and other wood pests.

With its distinctive wood grain CedarWood is our premium hardwood material. Its lightweight nature offers extreme versatility as far as styles and applications are concerned, making it our first choice for larger than average window spans as well as complex shapes.

With a natural resistance to bacteria and fungi Cedar is great for all rooms, including bathrooms and anywhere with a high moisture area.

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