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Cheshire Window Shutters offer a service to the small town of Whaley Bridge.  Found in the High Peak borough of Derbyshire and only 16 miles from Manchester, Whaley Bridge is a highly attractive place to live and work.

Cafe style shuttersConsidered to be the ‘Gateway to the Goyt Valley’ and the starting point of the West Pennines, Whaley Bridge is often hit by cold and wet weather. Plantation shutters can help towards keeping a home warm by acting as heat insulators. Window shutters have heat retaining properties and can save you money on your heating bill. In warmer weather however, shutters can control the amount of sunlight coming into your home. This will protect furniture from colour fade whilst keeping your home cool and well ventilated at the same time.

With many Edwardian and Victorian buildings in the town and surrounded by outstanding countryside, Whaley Bridge is a very picturesque little town. Wooden window shutters vastly improve the aesthetics of houses and other buildings. Shutters can also be designed to conform to local décor and styling to further enhance a building’s appearance.

The A5004 runs straight through the town and often a popular meeting place for motorcycle enthusiasts, noise can sometimes be a disturbance. Window shutters can offer a solution to this problem by absorbing the sound pollution from the outside traffic creating a more peaceful atmosphere inside.

With many schools, businesses and over 6000 residents in the town; secure housing and workplaces are a necessity for people in Whaley Bridge. Wooden plantation shutters can be fitted with secondary locking mechanisms and present a deterrent to unwanted personnel. They are also child-friendly products constructed without the use of cords or any potential hazards.

Antibacterial-covered shutters are available for places which require clean and hygienic environments. Treated shutters can be used in medical and dental practices as well as care homes and other such places. Remote-controlled window shutters can be installed for people with mobility issues or just for inaccessible places.

With a large housing project being planned on Macclesfield Road, housing development and improvement in the area is not uncommon. Due to their aesthetic, hard-wearing and low-maintenance properties, plantation shutters are a highly desirable product and can increase a home’s value.

Cheshire Window Shutters carry out work in the pleasant village of Holmes Chapel. Found towards the east of the Cheshire Plain, Holmes Chapel lies within commuting distance to Manchester, Liverpool and Macclesfield and is a much sought-after place to live.

Tracked window shuttersThe North West is often a cold and windy region and Holmes Chapel is no different. The installation of window shutters can offer a helping hand when it comes to energy saving. Wooden shutters have heat retaining properties allowing for a warmer home and resulting in less money being spent on your heating bill. Window shutters are also adjustable meaning that in the summer months of the year, the amount of light entering your home can be controlled. This will keep your home cool whilst maintaining ventilation and protecting skin and furniture from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

St Luke’s Church and the Red Lion public house are two examples of the village’s highly attractive aesthetics. The village is also home to many other bars and cafes such as the Yellow Broom; a stylish restaurant. Window shutters can be installed to improve upon a building’s appearance and style. Shutters may also be coordinated with the local décor and character to further enhance its looks.

With the A50, A535 and the A54 all running in and around the village, noise from the passing traffic can sometimes become a disturbance. Wooden window shutters help to absorb the unwanted noise pollution from the outside to create a more peaceful atmosphere on the inside.

Window shutters can also help towards ensuring a more secure building. With just under 6000 residents as well as many local businesses and schools, security is important to a lot of people. As well as providing a secondary barrier to thieves, window shutters will also act as a deterrent to criminals and will provide extra peace-of-mind for those who want it. Window shutters are also cordless and offer no obvious hazards to small children meaning they can be used in a child-friendly environment.

There are various care homes and medical practices in the village. Antibacterial-coated window shutters are available for such places which require the necessary hygienic conditions. Remote-controlled window shutters are also available for people who require them.

Investing in window plantation shutters can prove to be a very valuable investment to anyone wishing to improve upon their home or business. Due to their aesthetic, hard-wearing and low-maintenance properties, window shutters can increase your home’s value and are a sound investment.

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The unique FAUX SHUTTER is the ONLY British Made product available in the UK. Delivery is within 15 working days from order and is guaranteed for TEN years.Fully waterproof for those moist conditions along with excellent heat and light savings.


Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood ShuttersA modern-day classic in shutter design

New Shutter Available
• Measured & Installed Within three weeks.
• Ten Year Warranty
• Fully Waterproof

From traditional to contemporary, casual to formal… express your individual style with the timeless beauty of Cheshire window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters. Now you can add dramatic light control and a personal touch of elegance to any room – at prices designed for any budget!

Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters combine the traditional warmth and beauty of natural wood with the practical advantages of high–tech materials and intelligent design.

Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters are quality engineered using an advanced, solid-core composite material that outperforms other shutters. A specially hardened encapsulation ensures a smooth, long-lasting satin finish that stands up to moisture, heat, and ultraviolet rays without fading, denting, warping or chipping.

Energy Savvy Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters insulate better than wood, yet they’re less expensive and easier to care for.

The high-tech features, impeccable beauty and quality construction of Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters can significantly enhance the value of your home, at an extremely affordable price.

You could pay more for a window treatment, but you won’t find a better value than Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Shutters!

Timeless beauty, then and now.

Window shutters have been used since ancient times for light control and ventilation in warm, sunny climates. Today, thanks to technological advances in window materials and production methods, non-wood shutters have evolved beyond the Sunbelt and into the mainstream of modern window fashion, from exterior protection to an interior design element that has captured the imagination of designers around the world.

Cheshire Window Shutters Faux Wood Collection

  • High-fashion light control with a distinctive, personalised style.
  • Versatile range of louvres and frame styles.
  • New closed-cell composite technology ensures superior strength. Will not warp, dent or chip.
  • Ruggedised cap stock enhances surface integrity; resists moisture, heat, UV rays; stays “Always Dry” even in kitchens & bathrooms.
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance – perfect for today’s busy lifestyles.
  • Energy Savvy® – insulating properties helping to lower cooling costs.
  • Smart design & production mean lower prices for any homeowner.

N.B. If additional battening is required this will be in real not faux wood, hence will not be FR or water resistant. This may change.

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Plantation Shutters have over the last few years become increasingly popular with the UK domestic market as people travelling to America and Australasia have been staying in property with plantation shutters installed. In these countries, shutters are used for many reasons. Heat reduction and protection from the cold are two good reasons, plus privacy and a stunning look. Shutters can ensure that the product will produce huge savings in energy costs due to the longevity of the product. The shutter has a long lifetime and practically maintenance free.

unsupported plantation shuttersShutters are an ideal product that will fit to any window shape and size therefore can be installed to any window. As in the above mentioned countries, Architects are becoming more open their designs with large spans of glass in a lot of buildings whether it is a domestic house or a commercial hotel. The shutter therefore can be installed to these windows with various configurations of doors and louvre size. The shape of the window is not an issue as with Basswood, the best wood for any shape, is an ideal light and workable solution.

Plantation Shutters stand above all other window furnishings for practicality. The composition of the product can be tailored for most budgets. The UK market has an engineered product available in five colours of white and as the UK has many UPVC windows installed, these colours will suit most installations. Interior Designers such as Kelly Hoppen are now specifying shutters in their new build projects and again these five whites will suit most applications. Popular paint colours are available such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux etc along with a custom colour option.

Curtains have many limitations when installing to windows. A huge range of fabrics with linings, limitations on size due to pattern repeats. Cost of fabric, a vast choice of tracks and poles, with only a few makes suitable for bending to bays, a very difficult installation. Where as the shutter is highly suited for bay installations. With a choice of bay posts and frames, shutters can be installed and fit perfectly to match the window configuration.

Many internal blinds have limitations in size, fabrics and components choice. Also, in today’s child friendly market, all blinds must have a child safety cleat. Shutters have no restrictions and therefore an ideal solution for Child safety.

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Cheshire Window Shutters have recently installed shutters to the Mossley area after customers from Stockport saw their relations installation.

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